So, who are holiday reps? There are many different types of holiday rep positions that you can apply to be.  With any rep job that you may decide to go for, your main responsibility is to ensure that your guests holiday is one to remember, providing them with useful information and making sure that they stay safe.

Because holiday reps are normally the only contact guests have with the tour operator whilst on holiday, they are expected to excel in customer service and always remain friendly, approachable and enthusiastic at all times.  You will be the main person that a guest will reflect the professionalism of a tour operator on. In other words you are the face of the tour operator.

The role of a holiday rep can be physically and mentally demanding and you must be prepared to be flexible and work very strange and long hours at times.  This does however give you a perfect opportunity to get away from the repetitiveness of a normal 9 to 5 job, plus when the sun is always shining things never seem so bad!  Holiday Reps can encounter many different situations whilst working in resort that they are expected to resolve either working in a team or on their own initiative using quick thinking and organisational skills.

Why do Tour Operators recruit Holiday Reps?

Tour operators employ Holiday Reps to provide a level of service that satisfies their customers needs and enhances their holiday experience.  As well as ensuring the safety of the holiday maker whilst staying in their accommodation.



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