Packing to go out to resort can be both an exciting and nerve racking time as the reality that your actually going to be a holiday rep hits you!!  Here at Career In Travel we are always asked “What do I pack?”.  Most tour operators will give you an induction pack which normally includes essential items to put into your suitcase, but below is our printable packing list to help you.

The majority of tour operators will give you an extended baggage allowance, normally this is between 40-50kgs.  Our biggest tip would be to pack as little as possible going out to resort as you do tend to collect gifts, souvenirs and other items to bring back home with you at the end of the season.  Also think about the type of case you want to take with you.  Remember that the hard cases weigh a lot before you even start!

If you have stayed in contact with others from your induction training which are going out to the same resort as you, you may find that there are certain items that you may be able to share.

Download your Packing Checklist

Click on the picture to download your Packing Checklist PDF.



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