The Highs...

Despite sounding like every minute of every day is spent working, it is not always that bad. If everything goes smoothly, the guests are happy, and the aircrafts are on time, then you will have quite a bit of time to yourself.

Once surviving the summer season, the winter programme will be like a holiday. There are far fewer flights and guests coming to the resorts in the winter months, and the excursion schedule is much lighter as well. All this means a rep has more time to enjoy the benefits of living in a holiday resort.  To begin with you will get one day off a week. This will usually be a Wednesday or Friday. This day is almost guaranteed every week, but if there is an emergency, you will be expected to sacrifice your day off, without recompense.  During your day off you can do what you like, have a day out on a boat trip, go to the beach, do some shopping or catch up on some well earned sleep.

It is one of the perks of the job that excursions are given to reps for free. If a rep fancied the thought of going on a boat trip for their day off, this is usually easy to arrange.  There are also many other perks provided with the job. Car hire is a bargain, if you fancied upgrading your Clio for the day, and taking a Peugeot 306 Cabriolet or Jeep into the mountains, it normally costs around £7!

Eating out is also a breeze. If you work in a hotel where there is a restaurant, it is contracted that you may eat there whenever you like. This is officially so the holiday can keep track of food quality, but it provides the reps with a good excuse to eat in some excellent restaurants, especially at the 5 star hotels!

Local restaurants like having reps seen in their establishments. As you get to know the owners, they will invariably give discounts, but what they really want is you to bee seen there in a uniform. It makes sense. If a holidaymaker sees a rep eating in a restaurant, they will assume the place must be good. If reps wear the uniform for a meal, it is usually free. However, this is not always good for you. If you are seen doing this by other reps, you may never live it down! It is considered very un-cool to use the uniform to get cheap food, and it should only be done in emergencies!

In early January in 35-degree heat you are reminded that this is one of the best jobs in the world. It seems a million miles away from the darkness and rain of England at that time of year!

The Lows...

Most Holiday Reps find that the hardest part is the first 6 to 8 weeks. This is because it is all new to you, different climate, different culture, new job environment and you feel like that there is so much to learn. This does go and once you stick at it you find it gets easier day by day, so don’t worry.

You can get home sick as you are away from your friends and family and this affects people in different ways. Some people can live with it and some people find it very hard.

Some days can be very long and tiring, but you soon get in the swing of things. You may find that your hotel is “the hotel from hell” and all you seem to get is complaints, this can be very tough.

As you can see there are many more highs then lows to working as a Holiday Rep, and we guarantee that you will have the time time of your life!



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