There are many different roles of Holiday Reps employed by the Tour Operators.  Each Holiday Rep role is recruited to cater for specific products and services offered by the Tour Operators.

Holiday Rep / Family Rep

Holiday reps are also known as Customer Service Rep, Family Rep, Resort Rep or Overseas Rep depending on the tour operator you work for.  This rep position is responsible for looking after people of all ages whilst their on holiday.

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Club Rep / Young Persons Rep

A club rep is responsible for ensuring that groups of men and women between the ages of 18-30 have the time of their lives whilst on holiday.

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Children’s Rep

A children’s rep is responsible for looking after groups of children between the ages of 2-12.  Offering a range of fun activities, as well as ensuring their safety and well-being.

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Transfer Rep

A transfer rep, is a rep that accompanies the holiday makers too and from the airport and hotels.

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Overseas Administrator

The overseas administrators work within the tour operators offices within resort, ensuring the smooth running of the overseas operation.

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Overseas Entertainer

Entertainers are normally based within all inclusive and some larger hotels.  It is the entertainers job to provide both day and night entertainment for the hotel guests.

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Camp Courier / Campsite Rep

Camp couriers are employed by tour operators offering camping style holidays abroad.  A camp courier is very similar to that of a family rep.

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Ski Rep

Ski reps are very similar to family reps but based within a winter ski resort.

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