The recruitment process to become a Holiday Rep is a tough process to pass.  With thousands of applicants each year and only hundreds of placements offered the Tour Operators have very strict criteria for new applicants.  The recruitment process for all of the Tour Operators have been designed to ensure that they recruit only the best people for the job.  For the majority of tour operators their recruitment process will follow a common pattern:

Stage 1:  Application forms or CV’s are received either online or by post.
Stage 2: Candidates are then short-listed and invited to an assessment day.
Stage 3: Induction Training

Before your assessment day

Preparation is key in ensuring that you are relaxed and confident during your assessment day.  Following these simple steps can ensure that you feel in control and prepared for that important day:

  • Prepare your journey

Know how to get to the assessment venue and how long the journey will take.  Have maps, train / bus times at hand and check for any disruptions to rail or road services in advance.

Ensure that you give yourself extra travelling time in case of transport delays or heavy traffic.  Allowing yourself plenty of time before leaving will also stop you from arriving at the assessment feeling flustered and rushed.

If you need to travel a long way to the assessment venue, it may be worth considering staying in a hotel the night before.

  • Personal Presentation

Whatever interview you attend, personal presentation is critical for giving the best possible first impressions of yourself.  Prepare and arrange your clothes well in advance.  Smart casual is normally appropriate, even if your attending a Club Rep interview.

Minimise any jewelry or visible body piercings you may have.  For ladies, keep your makeup looking natural.

  • Research & Re-cap

All of the Tour Operators offer lots of corporate information on their websites.  Research as much as possible about the company, for example when they were established, the company history, their sister companies, types of holidays they offer and their holiday destinations.

It is also worth going over your CV or the answers you gave in your application form.  Remember, their could have been quite a long time between when you applied and your assessment day date.  By re-capping you will be fully prepared for any questions they may ask about your answers on the application form.

  • Prepare and practice your presentation

Some of the Tour Operators may require you to conduct a presentation during your assessment day.  They may ask you to present your favorite travel destination or even to sell them an everyday household item.  Details of what they want you to present will be outlined in your assessment day invitation letter.  Whatever, they want you to present, try to include props.  Props you could use are posters, leaflets or even booking forms that you can give out at the end of the presentation.  Remember they are looking to see how well you would be able to conduct a welcome meeting and sell their products and services.

Once you have prepared your presentation, make sure you practice conducting it in front of friends and family.

What to take with you checklist

Any certificates, achievements or letters of recommendation that are relevant to the role of a Holiday Rep.  A great certificate to take along with you to the assessment day is the Holiday Rep Diploma.

Any correspondence you may have received from the tour operator

Your CV or a copy of your Application Form

A list of questions you would like to ask the interviewers.

Any props visual aids or costumes you may need for your presentation or entertainment piece.

The assessment day

The assessment days and how they are structured can vary depending on the Tour Operator.  The majority however, will include the following elements:

  • Introduction to the company and it’s history
  • Group work
  • Role Play session
  • A personal presentation or entertainment piece
  • A maths or English test
  • Final 2 on 1 interview stage

During each of the assessment stages you will be monitored and given points on how well you are doing.  In order to get through to the next stage, you will have needed to gain a certain amount of points or you will be sent home.

In each of the assessment stages, keep in mind the qualities and requirements needed to become a Holiday Rep and use these, especially during the group work and role playing sessions.  But most importantly enjoy the day and meeting new people.

Your customer service and your winning attitude must be resounding from the very first moment that we meet you. Make sure you practice your presentation skills, and prepare well. – Thomas Cook Recruitment Team

Group work

At some stage during your assessment day the Tour Operator will give you an activity to conduct within a group.  Whatever the activity they give you, they are looking to see how you act within a group or team.  Always show to the recruiters that you are contributing within the activity but make sure that you do not come over as too overpowering.  Consider others in the group, if you can see someone is quiet or having difficulty getting involved ask them for their opinions.  And always remember to use positive body language.  Lean forward and look interested.

Tests during your assessment day

Many people get stressed about the test stage of their assessment day.  These tests are not difficult and are conducted to show your levels of ability in both English and Math.

Math Test

Normally any math tests given are simple addition and subtraction questions.  They will also test you on currency conversion so it’s advised to polish up on this prior to your assessment day.  Most Tour Operators will also allow you to use a calculator, so it may be worth taking one along with you.

General Knowledge Test

The majority of questions contained in this test are are about the induction video they show you at the beginning of the day about the Tour Operator.  Other questions may be on current affairs or simple questions on the destinations they operate in.

Need extra help?

Although you may be perfectly suited to the role of a Holiday Rep, it may be that you find any interview situation stressful or overwhelming.  If this is you, or you just want to really prepare for your assessment days, we would recommend the online Holiday Rep Diploma course.  This course will not only help you to prepare and research the role of a Holiday Rep but also offers exceptional recruitment help and support.  You will even receive your own personal Recruitment Adviser who will help you with your application forms and preparing you for your assessment day.  Find out more

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