Latest Holiday Rep Jobs

Latest Holiday Rep Jobs

holiday rep jobs
Looking for Holiday Rep Jobs?

Search all of the latest Holiday Rep jobs below.  This job board is updated regularly, so keep checking back.  Jobs posted are from all of the major tour operators for both summer and winter vacancies.

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Holiday Rep Jobs

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    • Hi Greg,

      are you looking at working as a family rep for example?

      Kind regards
      Career in Travel

    • Hi Christopher,

      Thanks for your question.

      The vest way is with the help of the tour operator approved online course called Holiday Rep Diploma as they help you with applying to the tour companies and their support is ongoing for as long as you need.

      For more information on the course please go to

      Kind regards

  1. Hi, Im leaving college this year and going to university in September. Is there any holiday rep jobs abroad that I could do from the end of June till the end of September? Locations like Kavos, Ibiza and Zante for example.

  2. Hi there,

    I’m currently here on the island of Lanzarote searching for employment. My experience is largely customer service and sales based and looking for transfer rep, resort rep or other tour operator vacancies on any of the canary islands.

    Any help appreciated,

    Kind Regards

    Col Wilson

    • Hi Col

      As you are already in resort, your best bet is to visit the Tour Operators local offices and inquire if there are any jobs available. The majority of the tour operators however, do normally recruit within the UK rather than in resort.

      Career In Travel Helpdesk

  3. Hey, looking a change in career path! Always been told this Job would suit me as I have down Similar jobs! How do I apply properly! Looking work in Benidorm!

    • To apply, decide which Holiday Rep position and tour operator would suit you and get in contact with them directly to apply. 🙂

  4. Hi I am finishing college at the beginning of June I turn 18 in two weeks time I’m really interested in becoming a holiday rep what’s the best way to go about apply making sure I hopfully get a job for when I leave college ?

  5. Hi I am looking to become a holiday rep i am 21 male with great customer service, highly energetic and a fun personality what will be the best way of becoming a resort rep?

    Kind Regards,


  6. Hi I’m looking to become a Holiday rep.
    I’ve already lived and worked abroad where I gained many useful skills that may be beneficial to you such as PR’ing, Waitressing, bar work, cook, managing a bar.
    Would love to become a Summer holiday rep.
    Best regards,

  7. Hello I’m looking to work abroad to become a holiday rep. I’ve been abraod many times and recently come back from turkey whilst i was out there I spoke to a manager of the hotel and he said I could work there next year he gave me he’s card and number, but I need help with this as I’m not sure what my next step should be.
    Kind regards

    • Hi Mica

      Great news that you would like to become a rep. It’s a great work experience to gain. However, we would always recommend becoming a Holiday Rep via a reputable Tour Operator. This way you will be covered for all flights to and from the resort as well as covered by their insurance and employed on a UK contract.

      Career In Travel Helpdesk

      • Thank you for replying to me. But what should my next step be. I mean shall I go onto a travel agents shop and try talking to someone. I really want to try this I’m 20 at the moment 21 soon I mean I do currently work in a hairdressers but when I think of being a rep it just feels right.

        Kind regards mica

        • The Estate Agents do not deal with any of the recruitment for Holiday Reps. You would need to apply directly to the Tour Operators, keep checking our job page for the up to date vacancies. If you find the whole thing daunting then it may be worth looking at the Holiday Rep Diploma. This will not only equip you with the knowledge and tools the Tour Operators find desirable, but it will also give you full recruitment help and support with applying. You can find out more information at

  8. Hi,

    Always dreamed of working abroad, it’s just finding where to start is the problem, recently been to Turkey and spoke to a few entertainers and I realised that it’s the entertaining Side I want to be involved in, how and we’re can I get started at with trying to get into the entertaining side as nothing showing up on websites

  9. Hey there!

    How would you go about like reping for Thompson or other companies in Ibiza? Or would you have to wait for that sort of thing to pop up again later on in the year?

  10. Hey there,

    just wondering when you guys start to recruit for the next season for reps in places like Ibiza and that?

    • Normally the tour operators start their recruitment drive in September for the following summer positions.

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