The competition this year is fierce with thousands of people applying. As you can imagine with so many applicants, they can be pretty choosy on who they invite to an interview.

The Tour Operators recommend that before applying you sign up to the Holiday Rep Diploma. This is a course that has been designed for and endorsed by them. It ensures that people wanting to work as a Holiday Rep are equipped with the essential tools and knowledge before applying. After completion you will be awarded with a recognised certificate to be used within your applications.

95% of people are successfully recruited as a Holiday Rep after completing theย Holiday Rep Diploma course


More Information on how to apply

You can also find out some useful hints and tips about completing your application forms at
As well as a great video to watch at


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  1. Good day,

    I have read through some of the info, I would like to know for sure what is the max age, I am a young “50” year old, positive thinker, enjoy working with people and always thrive on excellent customer service. I would like to know what my changes would be to experience and be part of this amazing venture as I would like to apply for an Administrator Position, I am a Personal Assistant and administration has being part of my career for over 15 years. I have no serious commitments and would love to live a little and enjoy the experience.

    Look forward to your reply.

    Sincerely yours

    Gillian Margro

    • Hi Gillian,

      around 60, so you are fine to apply and get a job as a rep or administrator.

      If you have any questions then please let me know.

      Kind regards
      Career in Travel helpdesk

  2. Hi, My name is Sophie, a 21 year old female who is fun, friendly and outgoing. I am looking to become a holiday rep but I just don’t know the correct way to go about becoming one… someone please help! Thankyou ๐Ÿ™‚

    • HI Sophie,

      You can apply online to the tour companies as they have their application forms online and this is pretty much the same for all rep positions.

      Are you looking to work this summer?

      Kind regards
      Career in Travel Helpdesk

  3. I’m 19 and looking to become a holiday rep this summer or next.. What is the best way I can go about this would someone be able to point me in the right direction. I’m fun friendly and outgoing and always is up for a new challenge

  4. Hi I am 19 and wanting to apply to become a transfers rep next year. I would just like a few pointers. Once out there is there help and support if you want to get back if your home sick etc.?

    Also I dont have a travel and tourism qualification but have got a French qualification and traveled a lot. Is this ok or would I need a qualification in travel?

    One last thing is it too so to apply for next summer ?

    • Hi Chloe, great news that you want to become a transfer rep. All of the reputable tour operators provide transport to and from the UK to resort. If you felt that you really did not want to stay in resort then they would fly you home. However, just keep in mind the cost to company invests in you with training, accommodation etc. So returning home should be the very last resort.

      You don’t need a travel qualification to become a rep, however the tour operators do like people to have a bit of knowledge of the industry. You can build up this knowledge by signing up to the Holiday Rep Diploma course at

  5. hello my name is stacie costello i am 19 and have always had the luxury of going on holiday with families and holiday reps have always made the holiday. i have wanted to work with children and now i want to become a holiday rep what is the best way ??

    • Hi Stacie to become a holiday rep you will need to contact the tour operators directly to apply. Alternatively many people sign up for the Holiday Rep Diploma, all of the application forms are included within the course as well as full support and help in completing them.

  6. Hi I am looking to do the holiday rep diploma course and hopefully become a holiday rep very soon I just wonder if I do would I be able to get my transfer over to Tunisia for work? I love it there, holiday there a lot and I am currently learning Arabic so would be perfect for me ๐Ÿ™‚ thanks!

    • Hi Rebecca, although you can request a country to work in, it’s never guaranteed that you will be sent there. However the tour operators do take into consideration your knowledge of the country and local customs as well as speaking the language.

  7. Hi, I went to a resort this summer and would love to work there next year so they told me to send them my CV in February. Do resorts ever hire without going through an agency? Is my application likely to be taken seriously?

    • All of the major tour operators will normally only ever except applications directly to their recruitment team at their head offices.

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