So how much does a Holiday Rep get paid? We will start by saying that if you want to be a rep for the money then you should probably think again as being a holiday rep is not the best paid for the hours you work.  The positive is that so many reps go out to resort and manage to survive quite easily on the salaries that are provided by the tour operators even still having money over to go out and have a good time on their days off. 

The starting salary for a holiday rep is normally around £450/£525 per month including commission from selling excursions, car hire etc.  This may not sound much but your accommodation is normally provided for you by the tour operators, some even giving you meal vouchers to eat free of charge or with a big discount in the hotel restaurant you are representing.  These figures are given as a guideline only and different tour operators can operate slightly different pay structures and incentives.

Once you have finished a season, most tour operators will increase your basic salary. If you get promoted then your salary will also increase to reflect your position within the tour operator you work for.



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