Holiday Rep Application Form Hints and Tips

Holiday Rep Application Form Hints and Tips

The recruitment process to become a Holiday Rep starts with your Application form.  Tour Operators receive thousands of applications every year and are very choosy with whom they invite to their assessment days.  Getting your application form right is crucial to being able to progress within the recruitment process.

The majority of Tour Operators now request their application forms to be submitted online which is great news if your handwriting is not the best.  .  However, if you are asked to complete a handwritten  paper application form, then this must be done as neatly as possible without any crossing outs and your handwriting must be legible.

With all the application forms that the Tour Operators receive, they are much more likely to select the neat and tidy application forms over the scruffy ones.  Don’t forget they are looking for people who not only pride themselves in personal presentation, but also for someone whom has the ability to complete the Tour Operators paperwork correctly.  A badly written, messy, and rushed handwritten application form, will not give them the best impression of the kind of person you are.

A breakdown of a typical Holiday Rep Application Form

Personal Details

This section includes questions including your full name, age, address, health and also sometimes included questions relating to any previous criminal history.  It is vital that you answer any personal questions honestly as the Tour Operators will check them.

Employment History

Here you will list your employment history in date order.  Most Tour Operators will request you to include your duties within your previous work roles.  When answering think of the duties carried out as a Holiday Rep and the duties you did.  This will allow the Tour Operators to see that your previous work experience would be a benefit to them.  They may also ask for the reason why you left.  Never respond with any negative responses regarding your previous employers.  Answers that you could give are “The hours did not suit my lifestyle at the time” or “I wanted to progress in my career but this was limited within the company at the time.”


This section is to include all of your education history, including high school qualifications, college, University etc.  Some Tour Operators may require you to produce at the interview or attach a copy of the qualifications.

They may also ask for any additional training or courses attended.  This training could be sales training, First Aid, Health and Safety, Language course etc. You could also include the Holiday Rep Diploma in this section.

Hobbies and Interests

Pretty much all application forms have this section.  The Tour Operators include it to get a better picture of your personality.  When listing your hobbies and interests, try to answer them on how they reflect on the role of a Holiday Rep.  For example, instead of saying that you attend the gym, which could come across as a solitary pastime go into detail of any classes you may attend there.  This will show to the Tour Operator  that you enjoy spending time with other people.  If you enjoy cooking, you could word it that you enjoy cooking for other people.  Again it shows that you enjoy being around other people and that you enjoy giving a service.

If you are involved with any charity work, this section would be a great place to outline this.  This could be any sponsored events that you have been involved in or working in any charity shops.

General Questions

General questions are included in the application forms to show the Tour Operators if you are suited to the job as a Holiday Rep and to highlight your Customer Service and sales experience.  Whenever answering any of the general questions, always answer them as though you were telling a story about the event that happened to you.  Try to include in the answers the personal traits required to work as a Holiday Rep

Your Completed Holiday Rep Application Form

Once you have completed your application form, either photocopy it, if it’s in paper format, or copy the text and keep it in a document file if you are completing an online form.

You may be contacted by the Tour Operators quite quickly asking you to an interview, or it may take weeks.  It is important that you remember the information you have provided, by making a copy you may refer to prior to your interview to recap what you have written.

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