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Holiday Reps

There are many different roles of Holiday Reps employed by the Tour Operators.  Each Holiday Rep role is recruited to cater for specific products and services offered by the Tour Operators.

Holiday Rep / Family Rep

Holiday reps are also known as Customer Service Rep, Family Rep, Resort Rep or Overseas Rep depending on the tour operator you work for.  This rep position is responsible for looking after people of all ages whilst their on holiday.

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Club Rep / Young Persons Rep

A club rep is responsible for ensuring that groups of men and women between the ages of 18-30 have the time of their lives whilst on holiday.

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Children’s Rep

A children’s rep is responsible for looking after groups of children between the ages of 2-12.  Offering a range of fun activities, as well as ensuring their safety and well-being.

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Transfer Rep

A transfer rep, is a rep that accompanies the holiday makers too and from the airport and hotels.

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Overseas Administrator

The overseas administrators work within the tour operators offices within resort, ensuring the smooth running of the overseas operation.

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Overseas Entertainer

Entertainers are normally based within all inclusive and some larger hotels.  It is the entertainers job to provide both day and night entertainment for the hotel guests.

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Camp Courier / Campsite Rep

Camp couriers are employed by tour operators offering camping style holidays abroad.  A camp courier is very similar to that of a family rep.

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Ski Rep

Ski reps are very similar to family reps but based within a winter ski resort.

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So how much does a Holiday Rep get paid? We will start by saying that if you want to be a rep for the money then you should probably think again as being a holiday rep is not the best paid for the hours you work.  The positive is that so many reps go out to resort and manage to survive quite easily on the salaries that are provided by the tour operators even still having money over to go out and have a good time on their days off. 

The starting salary for a holiday rep is normally around £450/£525 per month including commission from selling excursions, car hire etc.  This may not sound much but your accommodation is normally provided for you by the tour operators, some even giving you meal vouchers to eat free of charge or with a big discount in the hotel restaurant you are representing.  These figures are given as a guideline only and different tour operators can operate slightly different pay structures and incentives.

Once you have finished a season, most tour operators will increase your basic salary. If you get promoted then your salary will also increase to reflect your position within the tour operator you work for.

So, who are holiday reps? There are many different types of holiday rep positions that you can apply to be.  With any rep job that you may decide to go for, your main responsibility is to ensure that your guests holiday is one to remember, providing them with useful information and making sure that they stay safe.

Because holiday reps are normally the only contact guests have with the tour operator whilst on holiday, they are expected to excel in customer service and always remain friendly, approachable and enthusiastic at all times.  You will be the main person that a guest will reflect the professionalism of a tour operator on. In other words you are the face of the tour operator.

The role of a holiday rep can be physically and mentally demanding and you must be prepared to be flexible and work very strange and long hours at times.  This does however give you a perfect opportunity to get away from the repetitiveness of a normal 9 to 5 job, plus when the sun is always shining things never seem so bad!  Holiday Reps can encounter many different situations whilst working in resort that they are expected to resolve either working in a team or on their own initiative using quick thinking and organisational skills.

Why do Tour Operators recruit Holiday Reps?

Tour operators employ Holiday Reps to provide a level of service that satisfies their customers needs and enhances their holiday experience.  As well as ensuring the safety of the holiday maker whilst staying in their accommodation.

The best people to ask about working as a Holiday Rep are Holiday Reps.  We quite often get messages from people wanting to share their knowledge, here are a few of them.  If you’ve got any hints and tips you would like to share, just drop us an email at helpdesk@careerintravel.co.uk

Interview Hints and Tips

Do not automatically think that its the loudest, craziest and most talkative people who get through the interview stages. Interviewers are also looking for calm, friendly and imaginative people to join their team. Sometimes the loud people are so over the top, its easy to tell they are just putting it on as they think that this is what being a rep is all about! Its not!! Just be yourself and make sure you shine!!

Dan – Cosmos Rep

Living in Resort Hints and Tips

Get to know your local restaurant and bar managers, they tend to give you a discount on food and drinks if you recommend them to your holiday makers.  Plus having a rep eat in their restaurant is a good advertisement for them.

David – Thomas Cook Rep

Buy local brands of food at the supermarkets as the major brands known in the UK are normally imported in and so are very expensive.  I found that some of the brands were actually better then the ones in the UK!!

Rachel – First Choice Rep

Induction Course Hints and Tips

You will be expected to undergo some intense training during your in-house induction course, and for some new reps this is quite tiring.  Be warned, a lot of the resort Managers/team leaders will also be at this course and they will be assessing you throughout the whole time.  If you are serious about the job, don’t go out every night whilst training, don’t do silly things and get too drunk. Many people get kicked off the course as they do not take it seriously.  Go out, socialise, have a few drinks but don’t go over the top.  You will be watched 24/7 and if they don’t like what they see, you will not be spending the summer in a dream job’

Dan – Cosmos Rep

I have been a team leader for over 2 years and repped before this for 4 years…. On your induction training we look for your own personality and not somebody who you think we want to see.  There’s nothing wrong with being yourself!  If you make mistakes be open and honest and tell your team leader/manger.  It’s worst for us to find out second hand and it can be rectified quicker if you talk about it.

Dean – Airtours Rep

Welcome Meeting Hints and Tips

When conducting a welcome meeting, hand out pens to the guests, especially if you have a lot to tell them! Better still, use RED felt tip pens or biro’ s but keep the lids. This way the guests can write as much information down as they need to, and you will get your pens back! No one likes red pens, especially if they do not have the lids!!

Dan – Cosmos Rep

Welcome Meeting Hints and Tips

Always try to find out and remember guests birthdays, a cheap card and drink at the bar made their day!

Martyn – Thomson Rep

Money Hints and Tips

Make sure that you have somebody declaring you on the electoral role whilst you are away.  Any gaps could effect your credit rating when you return.

Sally – Works for Career In Travel

Always make sure you have a diary. Once you get used to using it on a daily basis, you can record everything……your sales and commission each week, any problems with any guests, any problems with any properties and things that need to be fixed.They are also great to look back on at the end of the season!! If you write everything down, they will bring back loads of good (and bad) memories!!!

Dan – Cosmos Rep

Packing to go out to resort can be both an exciting and nerve racking time as the reality that your actually going to be a holiday rep hits you!!  Here at Career In Travel we are always asked “What do I pack?”.  Most tour operators will give you an induction pack which normally includes essential items to put into your suitcase, but below is our printable packing list to help you.

The majority of tour operators will give you an extended baggage allowance, normally this is between 40-50kgs.  Our biggest tip would be to pack as little as possible going out to resort as you do tend to collect gifts, souvenirs and other items to bring back home with you at the end of the season.  Also think about the type of case you want to take with you.  Remember that the hard cases weigh a lot before you even start!

If you have stayed in contact with others from your induction training which are going out to the same resort as you, you may find that there are certain items that you may be able to share.

Download your Packing Checklist

Click on the picture to download your Packing Checklist PDF.