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Course Venue: All completed Online 

Course Price: £99

Free extras: CV make over. You receive help with designing your CV worth over £40

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After road testing the Holiday Rep Diploma we feel it’s worthy of 5 stars. It’s a comprehensive course that is all completed online.  The course contains 17 great in-depth study modules which will fully prepare you for working as a Holiday Rep.  There is also full recruitment help offered with a dedicated recruitment adviser and an Application Form Check and Send service.  With an extremely high success rate of helping people become Holiday Reps, we feel that this course is worth every penny!

The OFFICIAL and most comprehensive Holiday Rep course online.  Recommended by Tour Operators!

Holiday Rep Diploma offers the most extensive and comprehensive online training course for anyone wanting to enjoy a career as a Holiday Rep. Entertaining videos and 17 in-depth learning modules, will ensure a fun and effective learning platform. Enrol now and also receive full access to an Online Recruitment Manual, Individual Tour Operator interview day walkthroughs and up to date Holiday Rep jobs emailed directly to you.

Course Features

  • 17 Course Modules
  • 17 Revision Tests
  • Final Course Exam
  • Holiday Rep Diploma Certificate upon passing final exam
  • Dedicated Course Tutor
  • Dedicated Recruitment Adviser
  • Holiday Rep Recruitment Manual
  • Latest Holiday Rep Job Board
  • Access to Tour Operator Application Forms
  • Application Form Check and Send Service
  • Latest News Noticeboard

Course Modules

  1. The history of the Holiday Rep position and Travel and Tourism industry
  2. Basic criteria needed to become a Holiday Rep and why
  3. Different types of Holiday Representatives
  4. A look at Tour Operators and a brief overview of the Travel and Tourism industry
  5. External factors that effect Travel and Tourism
  6. The importance of teamwork whilst working as a Holiday Rep
  7. An overview of normal Holiday Rep duties
  8. Importance of image and presentation of a Holiday Rep
  9. Legal responsibilities of a Holiday Rep
  10. A Holiday Reps responsibility to create a safe and healthy holiday
  11. Paperwork involved whilst working as a Holiday Rep
  12. Dealing with complaints
  13. The importance of customer service
  14. Welcome Meetings
  15. Basic selling skills
  16. Transfers and airport duties
  17. Currency conversion and liquidation


We tested this course on ipads, android tablets, iphones, android phones and different sized laptops and was able to view and access the course perfectly.  The only thing we noticed was it was easier to view on a smartphone when turned horizontally.

Course Snapshots

Holiday Rep Diploma are offering Career In Travel readers £20 off the normal course price. Plus they are offering help you design your CV for when applying.


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