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The intoxicating magical land of Morocco is laced with mystery and an alluring magical spell which will mesmerise and thrill the senses of all those who set foot within its treasure trove of exotic colour, astonishing flavours and evocative sounds. Bustling souk markets, dazzling sunshine, intricate hand woven carpets, billowing hookahs, glittering brass and jewels, red mud brick Kasbahs to exotic aromas and spices – Morocco has it all from the cultural sights and colours of Marrakech to the long sandy holiday resort of Agadir. Ancient and traditional yet modern, intense yet soothing, Morocco conjures up a land of contrasts – get ready to experience a blend of old and new, local and Western, you are sure to leave with wonderful memories that you’ll treasure forever.

Resort Guide to Marrakech

Once the focal point of a great empire, the Red City of Marrakech is a rich tapestry of glittering souks and shimmying belly dancers, billowing hookahs and exotic spices.

Spectacularly framed by the snow-dusted peaks of the High Atlas Mountains at the crossroads of the swirling Sahara sands, this is a city so intensely intoxicating and captivating, and is one of Morocco’s four imperial cities. Exotic sights, enticing smells and new wonderful experiences will leave you spellbound. Tangled within marrakechthe ochre-coloured Medina walls lies a web of cobbled streets which open out on to the world famous Jemaa el-Fna square – this pulsating, scintillating carnival of bustle and activity stretch the alluring alleyways of the souks selling everything from glittering brass and quirky antiques to leather slippers, love potions, exotic herbs and spices and carpets – the souks of Marrakech have it all and more, including the hypnotic mantra of snake charmer’s flutes or the melodic wail of muezzins calling people to prayer. A visit to the numerous souks is a must, as you wander into the warren of lanes, you’ll discover a whole new world – remember bartering is all part of the experience, so be prepared to haggle!

Away from the hive of activity lies the Jardin Majorelle and Menara gardens tranquil spots of relaxation, and the Koutoubia Mosque and Saadian Tombs are just some of the sights that beg to be explored. Nightlife is centred mainly in the hotels, and is home to Morocco’s few casinos. Most people head to the lively Jemaa el-Fna Square that is a fascinating riot of colour, noise and smells. Tempting travellers from across the world, Marrakech is a magical city that will intoxicate your senses with its wonderful mix of cultural treasures, exotic smells and glittering colour to leave you with memories to treasure.

Transfer time from airport: 15-20 minutes approx.

Resort Guide to Agadir

Experience a mix of old and new, local and Western in Agadir, this popular fishing port has the appearance of a European holiday resort with the added magic of a distinct Moroccan flavour.

Framed by the snow-capped High Atlas Mountains, Agadir is Morocco’s prime holiday resort and a modern holiday city having been re-built after an earthquake in 1960. The intense pull of attraction lures visitors from all countries, and agadirboasting a superb swathe of golden sandy beach it offers some of the safest swimming off Morocco’s Atlantic coast. You’ll discover a range of watersports available, or you can even saddle up and experience a bumpy camel ride along the shoreline.

Agadir offers a fine array of restaurants and bars fusing Berber, Arabic and Spanish cuisine, Moroccan cuisine is a rich, tantalizing blend of exotic herbs and spices so make sure you try out a local speciality. Visit one of the many souks – witness an explosion of colour, aroma and noise – from handwoven carpets and spices to sparkling ornate jewels and brass you can buy anything – remember to haggle and barter to pick up a bargain! One of the few older buildings is the Kasbah, about 8 kilometres from the centre, from which you can enjoy lovely views over the coast.

Most of Agadir’s nightlife tends to be hotel based with plenty of discos and karaoke. The resort boasts plenty of restaurants and cafés. Agadir is an excellent base from which to venture further afield to the more famous town of Marrakech which is well worth a visit, as well as the old walled city of Taroudannt, or Paradise Valley.

Transfer time from airport: 45 minutes approx.

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