Holiday Rep Careers

Holiday Rep Careers

Need to know more about a Holiday Rep Career?

Many people have misconceptions of what it is like to work as a Holiday Rep.  Holiday Reps work long hours and are constantly on the go during their shifts.  We have put together lots of free and useful advice about the Holiday Rep career and exactly what is expected of them.


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There are many different roles of Holiday Reps. Read about the different positions you can work overseas from a club rep to a family rep.

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Find out more about a week in the life of a holiday rep and their duties.

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As with any job, working as a Holiday Rep has it's ups and downs. In this article, we highlight both the highs and the lows of working overseas as a rep.

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Ever wondered on How much does a Holiday Rep get paid? and if accommodation is included when working as a Holiday Rep?

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So, who are holiday reps? There are many different types of holiday rep positions that you can apply to be.


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he overseas entertainers will be responsible for the day and evening activities and entertainment programmes.

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Ski Reps are very similar to the Family Rep. they will be the first point of contact for the guests and will deal with every aspect of their holiday.

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Campsite couriers are employed by tour operators offering camping style holidays across Europe.

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The Overseas administrators who work in the tour operators offices in resort are an important part of the overseas team.

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A transfer rep is somebody who mainly accompanies holiday makers to and from the airport and hotels. Read more about the responsibilities of a Transfer Rep.

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